Durhams Queen’s Delight Review

Bee pollen is a natural product produced from the pollen granules collected by bees. Bee pollen contains a wealth of vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, hormones, enzymes and fats, as well as significant quantities of natural antibiotics. It’s touted to aid in weight loss and promotes longevity.

Fresh Royal Jelly is a food substance produced by worker bees in the beehive exclusively for the queen bee. Experts believe it is because of the Royal Jelly that the queen will live up to 6 years, as opposed to the lifespan of a worker bee, which is six weeks.

Propolis is a substance made of plant resin that is collected by bees for use in and around the hive and serves as protection against harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Durham’s Queen’s Delight contains 1000mg of royal jelly, 600mg of Propolis 600mg and 1500mg of bee pollen in each daily serving.

It is said that bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis are natural storehouses of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and oils, carbohydrates, amino acids, over 5,000 enzymes and coenzymes, hormones, peptones, polypeptides and globulins, high concentrations of the nucleic acids RNA and DNA, and a variety of antibiotic substances.


Durham’s Bee Farm Inc. is a family run company in the U.S. that makes pure natural bee related products. You can tell they take great pride in offering affordable, quality products that will make a difference in the quality of your life.

Reviewers said that since taking bee pollen they have not developed a cold, and report having more energy and feeling more alert.

Reviewers also reported positive effects on age spots and other skin conditions. Other uses include preventing Gout flare ups, appetite suppressant, insomnia, relief from allergies and pain caused by arthritis, hair health.


People who take bee pollen supplements need to know that it can cause potentially life threatening reactions in those with seasonal allergies. Bees collect a variety of pollens, including airborne ones that commonly cause allergies, such as ragweed. Those with pollen allergies should be advised of the potential risk when consuming these products because it is not known who will have an allergic reaction when ingesting bee pollen.


90 Capsules

Consumer Ratings

An impressive 4.4 out of 5 stars from 92 customer reviews on Amazon.


Roughly $20.00 per bottle of 90 capsules. At three capsules a day that is a month’s supply for around $0.66 per day.

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