Hi, I’m Mario, and I love my photos.

I have taken thousands of photos over the years, and I love getting them all together into folders and photo books online. My albums are all carefully organised and they are easily accessible as long as I am in front of my computer or my tablet. So far, so good.

But there was something missing. I needed real photos, photos that were printed and placed into frames. This was something from my childhood, and it meant a lot to me.

There was also another problem. I was losing track of all my photos. I didn’t know what I had taken and when, and with the really big events and occasions I was at, I was simply uploading photos and forgetting about them.

I started investigating online photo printers and found two excellent examples in Snapfish and Photo.Walgreens.com. These two sites have ruled online photo printing for years now, and they have developed a loyal following. Some people won’t go anywhere else, ever.

As an inquisitive guy, I looked into them both, and then I realised that I could find coupons for these sites, so the incredibly good value that the sites already offered was increased even further.

So I made this site that you are on right now, a site that attempts to review all the products and services on these two huge photo sites, and also to brig you the best deals and the best coupons. You will find everything you need here as regards the two sites, and also a ton of options that will help you save money.

I’m just glad I can take care of my memories now. At one point I didn’t know how to, and now I have found these great sites; it’s all a lot easier.

Look forward to seeing you,

Best Places to Print Photos Online – Top Photography Printing Stores

My Wedding Photo Books

We all love our photos. In fact, with the advent of smartphones we probably have more photos in our possession than any previous generation. But this of course produces a problem. The fact that we have so many photos means that we don’t often print them. Instead, we just tend to keep them online and leave them there. However, with new online printing stores available, it is becoming easier now to get good prints of our photos so that we can create albums and other photo presentations in the real world. We take a look at two such sites in this review.


Our first site is one of the biggest, but also quite new. Snapfish.com has been around for a little while, but it has already built up a reputation as one of the most reliable online photo printing stores available. It has excellent customer support and a high quality service too.

  • Visit Snapfish.com
  • See Snapfish review and coupons

Snapfish makes it very easy for you to upload, share, print and do very cool things with your photos.



I managed to get my hands on some party invitations that used my photos as part of the invitation. I thought this would be a great way to personalise the invitations for our party, and I was right. More importantly, Snapfish got them to me quickly. I didn’t have to wait too long, to say the least. And they were amazing too, really making the occasion go well.

With Snapfish you can make impressive photo books, too.



For a photo site, everything was easy to find and pay for. There was no problem at all with site navigation actually, and I was very pleased to be able to manage the printing process in just a few clicks.

A high quality site, and with the Snapfish name behind it, very secure.

Walgreens Photo Center

Walgreens is an amazing site, one that really works hard to make it easy for customers to print off their photos. The site is colourful and exciting to use, and you should be able to print off photos in a few seconds. I bought a custom cover photo book for under $30 and I have to say that the service I received from the company was better than most retail experiences I have had in years. The process involved in setting up the photo book was seamless, all I had to do was upload photos and this was quick and simple.

  • Visit Walgreens Photo Center
  • See Walgreens Review and Coupons

Organising the photos couldn’t have been easier. Then, the new book was delivered with a beautiful custom cover just a few days later. All the photos were expertly printed, and the quality of the overall experience was impeccable.

I cannot recommend this site enough, primarily because it was so easy to get things done on the site. You can get around easily, and you can have the prints made in days, ready for you to use or have specially presented in a photo book.

Both sites are incredibly easy to use and great fun. They look after customers and make you feel at home with a process that could quite easily be difficult to manage. As places to print photos online, these two are incredible.

Snapfish Promo Code – Discount & Deals

Snapfish Promo Code – Discount & Deals

Snapfish is my favorite online printing website. When I want to create customized digital prints and gifts, Hewlett-Packard’s photo sharing and printing service does the job for me. I use a Snapfish promo code for awesome savings. Below, I have compiled a list of the best Snapfish coupons for your perusal. Enjoy!

Save 60% when you spend $50 or more

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Free Shipping on $30+ Orders

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Save 50% on custom Photo Books

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See these special deals for Snapfish

If you are looking for a website where you can host all of your favorite pictures, you are definitely in luck. Now that most people are using the web to store, transfer and show off their favorite images, photo hosting sites abound. The most popular of these is Snapfish. Since the inception of this site, digital photo sharing and photo printing has become easier for all of us.

Why I Love Snapfish

This platform is use in 12 different countries and it has more than 90 million users who are constantly uploading new images. There are a number of reasons why people prefer this site over other social networking tools. Apart from the Snapfish coupons that make image printing online a real deal, it is the fact that people can exchange photos without having to socialize with a ton of people that they do not know. It is possible to create your own private albums and share these with a select group of friends.


250 Prints cost $25 at Snapfish

It is important to note, however, that this isn’t just a space for sharing and posting pictures or creating photo albums. It is also one of the top photo processing companies out there. People can find an array of cheaply priced packages that allows them to get high-quality, physical copies of their digital photos.

The Haven of Photo Books and Photo Cards

In addition to processing digital photos and unprocessed film in various forms, people can turn to the professionals at this company to create physical albums, special photo books or to digitally retouch and print old photos. Thus, if you have a picture that is starting to show the ravages of time, this is a great way to bring it bake to life.


Photo Books are usually 50% off

Consumers can even use these services to create amazing gifts for their loved ones. Gifts like these are perfect for weddings, milestone birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Superior than Other Online Photo Printing Services


These are not services that can be expected from the traditional photo hosting site. In most instances, people are only able to upload their digital images. While they can make minor modifications to these when showing them off to other platform users, they will not be able to secure photo albums and other physical displays that they can wrap up and give as gifts or store in their home.

Snapfish Promo Codes


You can even find a number of promotional offers from this company. While I strive to provide you with the best Snapfish coupons, you can also search online for “Snapfish coupon code”, “Snapfish discount code” or Snapfish free shipping code” to get the best prices.


Using such a voucher is a great way to drive the already low costs of these services down even further. Consumers can look for the most current deal on the homepage of this company or they can search the websites of third-party coupon companies to find an array of impressive (up to 50% off) savings opportunities.

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